What we offer . . .

What we offer …

We currently offer morning sessions for 2 year olds 8.40-11.40am (term time only). These are for 2 year old’s who are eligible for the government funded 2 year old play and learn sessions and paid childcare sessions for children who are not eligible for a government funded place.

The focus of the day continues to be on ‘Learning through Play’, with a routine that incorporates adult led activities and builds on children’s developing knowledge and curiosity. Over the course of a week children will be involved in a range of activities and learning experiences including: cookery activities, messy play, music and movement, outdoor activities, arts and crafts, singing and rhyme time, story time as well as a snack of milk and toast.

With staffing ratios at 1:4, our interactions with the children are meaningful, purposeful and hugely beneficial for the overall holistic development of our children. We support early speech and interactions with peers in a positive and rewarding way. The fun and enjoyment had by all can be seen in our photographs!


Our Skilled and Experienced Staff

Our staff know our children and families very well. They quickly develop meaningful, caring relationships with all pupils and personalise the care, curriculum and learning experiences for all. They are extremely at skilled planning and adapting our provision and learning experiences to meet the individual needs and abilities of our pupils, and are continuously working with our children ‘in the moment’ to extend and develop the children’s play and ideas. We work closely with the children’s interests and are quick to respond and equip the environment accordingly to ensure each child is catered for and learning is personalised. Staff offer a range of ‘I wonder’ moments as well as posing careful questions to extend and further learning. We pride ourselves on our excellent relationships that we form with the children and this helps the children to settle quickly into the Nursery. Our eagerness to develop strong relationships with the children also helps us to identify any additional needs quickly and coordinate any additional or specialist services that may be required.


Parenteral Partnership

Partnership between parents and carers is key. Having strong parent partnerships has many benefits for your child’s development. Parents are a child’s first and enduring educators. When parents and practitioners work together the results have a positive impact on the child’s development and learning. Our staff strive to develop positive relationships with all parents/carers. We offer and open-door policy and are always here to chat to parents/carers. We give regular and on-going updates about your child and welcome continuous communications between home and nursery.

We use Class Dojo to communicate with our parents. We provide a ‘weekly roundup’ via class dojo, showing parents/carers all of the exciting learning experiences their child has been involved with throughout the week. We also share key information, dates and upcoming events.