Forest School

Our vision at Ringway Primary School is built on the core values of RESPECT; respect, equality, self-belief, perseverance, excellence, creativity and teamwork. It is the aim of our Forest School programme to promote and deliver on these values by providing all pupils with valuable outdoor experiences. By working together in the natural environment, they not only learn to respect each other but to respect the natural world around them. Pupils are taught the importance of sustainability and respecting wildlife. Sessions in Forest School are child-led, with children choosing and designing their own activities. This allows all children to thrive and contribute to the sessions in a unique way, promoting equality between all participants. This child-led nature allows pupils the opportunity to take ownership of their learning, finding their own solutions when faced with a problem and manage risks, becoming resilient learners as a result. With this ownership, they feel proud of their achievements, developing their self-belief. It also develops their perserverence skills, as they are encouraged to keep trying and not give up, finding ways to solve problems. The sense of achievement when they are successful in this promotes excellence. Children their own activities, choose their own resources and plan their own projects. This in turn develop creativity and independence. There are many opportunities for creative work in Forest School, whether that is through crafts, den building, nature art or writing based on their experiences. There is lots of opportunity for team-work in Forest School sessions; pupils have the opportunity to work and problem solve together as equals and often work together in groups to achieve success.