Art Curriculum Intent
In art, our pupils progressively develop knowledge, skills and vocabulary through structured learning about artists, movements and works of art, combining this with different media and equipment. Children are encouraged to think creatively about their own work and the work of others, identifying their own and others' achievements.
Integral to their learning, children study a range of art and artists from history and modernity, understanding that men and women, rich and poor, have not always had equality of opportunity or recognition. Nevertheless, artists' perseverance in the face of obstacles, and these obstacles' influence upon the art, are highlighted and discussed. Collaborative discussion plays a key role throughout learning in art, and views may be shared or challenged, but opinions are respected as others' own valid perspectives.
From first entering Ringway Primary School, children have the opportunity to work with different media and equipment, progressing towards excellence with each piece of work. Two- and three-dimensional work is undertaken, introducing new ideas and revisiting old ones to help pupils develop further their skills and self-belief in their own creative ideas. A focus on key drawing skills is also introduced, enabling the children to identify confidently as artists and engage in each next stage of their artistic education with enthusiasm and determination.