At Ringway Primary School we aim to deliver a broad and comprehensive PE curriculum for all children throughout the school. PE sessions are delivered twice weekly; with one session being a ‘traditional’ PE lesson and another being a Commando Joes (CoJo) session.

We are working closely with the NUFC Foundation to both improve the quality of PE sessions delivered each week as well as develop staff confidence and skills when teaching different aspects of PE. As part of our partnership with the NUFC Foundation we have specialist teachers delivering lessons focused on specific areas of the PE curriculum, for example dance, supported by teaching members of staff. Staff are then able to apply the techniques and practices observed into their own planning and delivery of lessons later in the year.

Our PE curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure a clear and balanced progression of skills, and appropriate levels of support and challenge, for children throughout our school from Reception to Year 6. This ensures that children are taught to: develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, are physically active for sustained periods of time, engage in competitive sports and activities and lead healthy, active lives. The broad content domains are as follows:

Reception and Key Stage 1:

  •          Me and Myself
  •          Fundamental Movements
  •          Multi Skills
  •          Fun and Games (Reception only)
  •          Modified Team Games
  •          Attack and Defence Invasion Games
  •          Gymnastics (KS1 only)
  •          Dance (KS1 only)
  •          Athletics and Fitness

Key Stage 2:

  •          Modified Team Games
  •          Attack and Defence Invasion Games
  •          Gymnastics
  •          Problem Solving and Challenge Games
  •          Striking and Fielding
  •          Net and Wall Games
  •          Gymnastics
  •          Athletics and Fitness

In addition to this, children in KS2 will engage in swimming lessons delivered by specialist staff at a local swimming pool twice throughout the Key Stage. Swimming sessions in the Summer Term are to be provided for targeted children who have not yet attained the ‘Swimming and Water Safety’ criteria from the National Curriculum as a priority, to enable said criteria to be attained before children progress to secondary school.

Commando Joes sessions are cross-curricular, with each unit based around an inspirational figure, in which children are able to develop their confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding whilst building their capacity to choose intelligently between decisions that contribute to their character development and learning. This links to the ‘RESPECT’ framework of cores values that underpins the CoJo approach and ties in with our school values. Where appropriate, CoJo units have been planned to be delivered concurrently with relevant subject areas in our aspects of our curriculum. As an example of this, Year 4 complete the ‘Spartacus’ CoJo unit while learning about the Roman Empire in the Autumn Term.

Furthermore, we aim to – where appropriate – include active elements when delivering lessons across the curriculum to enhance learning, promote a healthy and active lifestyle as well as ensure that children are physically active for at least 30 minutes in a typical school day. In addition to this, throughout the year a range of after-school sports and games clubs are provided to raise interest and engagement in extra-curricular activities.

We are very proud to have two school sports kits, which have been generously sponsored by two local businesses, which children wear when representing our school in sporting events. The children are always very proud to represent our school and compete against others with this being an integral chance for them to learn key values that are best learned throughout competition such as: sporting conduct, respect, friendship and demonstrating excellence.