Dear Parents

As most of you will be aware there has been a number of children poorly with a sickness bug/virus.

Just to keep you informed that despite different versions shared on social media there is no evidence to support that it was the food, the water or hygiene.

After speaking this morning to several parents , the Out of hours Contact Centre and the Northern Health Care Team we have :-

· Employed additional cleaners to start deep clean of toilets, washbasins, floors, table and chairs.

· Teaching assistants have disinfected small equipment used last week throughout the school.

· Dinner staff has disinfected the dining tables and chairs.

· Soap washing facilities have always been available but we have spent this morning making sure that all children are aware of the importance of washing their hands before and after lunch and after using the toilet. New posters are visible in all toilet areas.

This morning, school sent a text asking parents if their child has been sick since Saturday a.m could they please come and collect them - thank you to those that did.

I have also attached the information booklet sent from Public Health England (please see separate tab on main menu) reinforcing that any child who suffers with diarrhoea or vomiting should be kept away from school for 48hrs – 2 school days.

Thank you for your support and together we will kill the virus.

Mrs H. Scott
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• Promote tolerance, personal responsibility and respect for people, property and the environment.

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