'Where learning and friendship go hand-in-hand'
At Ringway Primary School we believe that education is a key factor in transforming the lives of children so that they can be whatever they choose to be. We believe in nurturing children so that they thrive in school and as a result are ready to learn and progress towards their goals in the future.
We believe that all pupils are entitled to an engaging and enriching curriculum, which should be accessible to them, enjoyed by them, and which results in them knowing and remembering more.
Our School Aims:
• To provide a safe, secure and happy school where everyone works together.
• To promote positive relationships between all those involved in the education of our children.
• To deliver a broad and academic curriculum that is effectively taught and inclusive to all.
• To encourage parental and community involvement in the life of the school and education of children.
• To promote the British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance.
House Point Totals Points last week Total Points
Earth 160 4452
Water 128 4083
Fire 177 4593
Lightning 147 4195
Whole School Attendance (to date)
                 Attendance (WB 9.5.22)  
 Whole School  95%
 Reception   81%
Year 1 91% 
Year 2 99% 
Year 3  90% 
Year 4  100% 
Year 5  96% 
Year 6  99% 
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